Superintendent's Office

Superintendent Update 4/1/2020

Hello Cottonwood Parents,

I hope you and your families are safe and well in these times of social distancing!

Here is the latest, the District is continuing the suspension of on-campus classes past the initial date of April 14th. At this point in time, on-campus classes are suspended indefinitely until further notice. Parents are asking if classes will resume before the end of the year, I would say that it is very unlikely students will return to the classrooms this school year, especially if predictions hold true and the COVID virus continues to spread.

With that said, teachers and staff are working very hard to develop interactive and engaging long distance learning for our students, not just work packets. Some parents are already starting to see these types of lessons from their teachers. This is all relatively new for our staff and it will be a learning process for everyone. All of you should start to see some type of long distance learning lessons shortly after spring break. Communication is going to be crucial through all of this so please make sure to look for and read any correspondence from your school sites and your teachers.

I know this long distance learning creates many issues such as no device for home use and internet access. The sites are developing plans for signing out chromebooks to students who need them and we are currently working on ideas for internet access.

Just a reminder, we will be serving meals next week through spring break just like we have been and we will continue servings those meals until further notice. Remember, these meals are for any students 18 and younger. We are glad to see so many families taking advantage of this opportunity.

Once again, if you have any questions, please contact your school sites or the District Office at 347-3165.


Doug Geren