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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

NEW: Riverside Unified School District has produced a Parent Video that describes the purposes of Smarter Balanced assessments. This 4:40 minute video is told from a student perspective about the importance of the Smarter Balanced Summative test results, and how the new tests will help inform and prepare students for their future.

Here are a few links to help you understand the new test and student reports:


Short Videos:

Understanding Your Child's Score Report


Entendiendo el Reporte de Calificaciones Individual de CAASPP del Estudiante


Parent Guide to Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, Grades 3– 5 (PDF)

Parent Guide to Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, Grades 6 – 8 (PDF)


If you have any questions, please feel free free to contact your school principal, teacher, or our district office.


Seeking 7-11 Committee Members

The Cottonwood Union School District is seeking Committee Member Applications for a district advisory committee know as a "7-11 Committee" The 7-11 Committee's primary responsibility is to advise the Governing Board on the use or disposition of District surplus property prior to its disposition. The CWUSD 7-11 Committee proceedings and its deliberations are open to the public, Under California law (Education Code sec. 17389) the Committee must be comprised of at least seven members who represent each of the following: a. The ethnic, age group and socioeconomic composition of the District, b. The business community, such as store owners, managers or supervisors,  c. Landowners or renters, with preference to be given to representation of neighboring associations, d. Teachers, e. Administrators, f. Parents of students g. persons with expertise in environment impact, legal contracts, building codes and land use planning, including, but not limited to, knowledge of the zoning and other land use restrictions of the cities or cities and counties in which surplus space and real property is located.

If you are interested in applying for the committee, the 7-11 Committee Member Application is attached here or can be picked up in the District office. Please note we are taking applications until the positions are filled. 


2015-16 School Calendar

2015-16 Bell Schedules

North Cottonwood School            8:00 - 2:15 

West Cottonwood Junior High     7:40 - 2:00                     

(please note minimum days on specific Wednesdays on school calendar for staff collaboration)

Employment Opportunities

As we expand services for students we are also are seeking quality employees who are interested in a variety of positions including: instructional assistants, cafeteria assistant, bus driver, school psychologist, and speech language pathologist. Please visit EdJoin.org to apply or contact our district office at 530 347-3165.



What's New:

State of the District: Celebrate our school district accomplishments with us

Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP): Our community developed plan This year as we updated our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) for the 2015-18 school years we actively sought input from various stakeholder groups, including board members, teachers, parents, English advisory group, site councils, parent advisory, district leadership (superintendent, teachers, classified employees, confidential employees, management, and heads of departments), foster parent advisory group, student advisory groups, teacher association, Shasta County Office of Education, and community members. We actively seek to engage all stakeholders in the LCAP process and are guided by the vision and direction of creating a more collaborative culture for the benefit of all students by seeking out strengths of our district and areas of improvement. In addition, our goal was to establish baseline data, with an emphasis on building academic measures, to utilize for future analysis. Taking a step back from the initial LCAP process to look for reoccurring themes throughout the process proved to be valuable. This process reconfirmed the specific areas of improvement for our school district. These themes are: 1.) Increase Academic Proficiency and Support Learning,, 2.)  Increase Effective Communication/Connectedness and Promote a Positive Culture/Climate, and 3.) Provide a Safe Environment (facilities).

We appreciate the support of our dedicated Board of Trustees, administrative team, teachers, classified staff, parents, community members and students. As a team we will continue to work together to build a new future for our students and our district. Our school district is excited to share with you what we have been working on for our students. Our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is an excellent example of bringing our school community together to improve our school district. Our State of the District shares our accomplishments and celebrations from our last school year. Please take the opportunity to read through these documents, as you too, will celebrate with us all the wonderful effort of our school community.

New PreSchool at North Cottonwood: Please note we have partnered with the YMCA to create another Preschool at North Cottonwood. This will be in addition to the existing state preschool, giving our parents even more options in our school district for early childhood education.

Facilities: We have created a three year facilities plan. You will notice significant changes such as at North Cottonwood School new tile/laminate flooring for kindergarten classrooms, resealed parking lot, road, bus circle, playground and walkway and at West Cottonwood a resurfaced track along with many long await improvements.

Thank you: We appreciate our school community! Thank you for all you do!



Starting the 2014-15 school year with a bright future!